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Meet the Makers

We are very proud that each and every Gushlow & Cole piece is handmade in the British Isles, by finely skilled specialist craftsmen & women, many of whom have worked with us since the brand began. We acknowledge and celebrate these talented cutters, machinists and knitters by adding a special name label to each Gushlow & Cole garment and accessory. Here we introduce them…

Emma Gushlow & Katrina Cole

Emma and Katrina pride themselves on having a hands on approach to every aspect of their business. As head designers at Gushlow and Cole, Emma and Katrina have an unparalleled understanding of shearling, a meticulous eye for quality and a passion for traditional British make.

George Cole

As a shoemaker’s apprentice at the age of fourteen, George discovered a love of leather as well as an innate passion for traditional British craftsmanship and make.  As a master pattern cutter, George passes down over fifty years of unparallelled knowledge in traditional shearling craftsmanship and construction.


Stacy, a fine artisan in shearling and leather craft, began her apprenticeship with the Cole family when she was just sixteen. With total understanding and unparalleled skill in all aspects of shearling craftsmanship, she continues to perfectly sew together your coats and jackets.


Carol’s accomplished hand cuts our woven cashmeres and brings over twenty five years of cutting and sewing expertise to Gushlow and Cole. Carol is also a highly specialised fur machinist whose fine hand lovingly sews together your scarves and accessories.


Audrey sews an innate passion for craft and a lifetime of expertise into every Gushlow and Cole piece. Understanding the intricacies of knitwear, Audrey trims each of our knit gilets and stitches many of our accessories with consummate skill.


Wendy began her apprenticeship working with the Cole family over two decades ago. Now, with an accomplished artisan skill set, consideration and respect for shearling, Wendy meticulously selects and colour matches each and every skin before it is carefully cut into twenty or more pieces to make your Gushlow and Cole coat.


Jad works closely with Emma and Katrina developing their hand knit patterns and stitches. She has been beautifully knitting accessories for Gushlow & Cole for five years, translating her love for the craft of hand knitting and generations of experience into each piece.


As much dedication, craftsmanship and passion goes into the finishing of a Gushlow and Cole piece as the matching, cutting and sewing. From a hand stitched button shank to a perfectly pressed arm hole, Janet’s impeccable eye and attention to detail ensures the highest standard of quality craftsmanship is maintained in every one of our pieces.


We guide our production apprentices through all elements of luxury fashion manufacture. From the bustle of the workshop floor to understanding the components of our products and the complexities of our production systems, Sophie’s discipline and organisation as a production assistant helps translate our designs into your flawlessly finished garments.

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