Community Projects

At Gushlow and Cole we are dedicated to making a positive contribution to our community and to the environment.

Our Sensory Blankets

In 2015, we were approached by a school for children with special needs and asked for a donation of offcuts for their sensory wall. After hearing how natural soft materials help children feel calm, relaxed and more receptive to learning, we created for them a selection of blankets using differently textured shearling, in calm colours. These blankets serve not just as a relaxation aid but have become both a comfort and tactile aid for the children, in some instances helping to enhance communication issues among children who struggle within a group environment. We aptly name these ‘our Sensory Blankets’ and look forward to introducing these to similar schools in the future.

Our NO FUR Policy

We operate a strict no fur policy. We do not believe any animal should be farmed for fashion, which is why we only use skins which are a by product from the food industry.

We are committed to good ethical practices within our shearling and leather supply chain. We make sure to source only the highest grade skins from european tanneries which show commitment to advancing good social, environmental and animal welfare practices within their operations.

Craft for our Community

Our corporate social responsibility often takes us along a path outside of the industry we serve. For years we have been providing various schools and nurseries with a variety of shearling and leather, which has been used for craft, artistic projects, costumes and as an addition in textiles.

Crafting the Future

With a passion and commitment to the preservation of the British manufacturing industry, we are taking the initiative to provide our local schools with a series of textile workshops, internships and apprenticeships. By sharing our trade and imparting techniques we hope to encourage and inspire the next generation of British craftsmen and women.


We offer help and support by way of donations to charities that are close to our heart. Alzheimer’s UK, Pancreatic Cancer, Macmillan Cancer Support

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