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Repair & Aftercare

By introducing our repair & aftercare services, we hope to encourage less waste, minimise overconsumption and reduce our impact on the environment.

Our small team of experts have decades of experience refreshing, maintaining and repairing shearling.

Even if we do not make it, we are happy to help.




We offer a wide range of services for Shearling coats and accessories. 

Repairs are free for Gushlow & Cole shearling pieces, although there are some terms for this service (see below).

We also repair other branded shearlings. Whether it is a seam that needs restitching, a tear, a missing button, or a total restoration, we will do our best to repair it. Again, there are some terms for this service (see below).




Our refresh service is perfect for keeping your shearling in tip-top condition.

We will re-press tired edges, comb and revive wool lacking lustre, and, where possible, remove any light marks without dry cleaning. 

We recommend only dry clean when necessary, but we can help with that too.




As we are an artisan brand and do not mass produce, we are pleased to offer an alteration and bespoke service.

Simple alterations are free for Gushlow  & Cole pieces. These include a simple sleeve, hem and button alteration. There are some terms for this service (see below). 

Modifications and bespoke orders will be non-refundable as we have made/ altered them, especially for you.




As we aim toward circular shearling we hope to encourage you to love and care for your shearling and help reduce waste.

If you feel you cannot use one of our services, the best way to recycle your shearling is not to throw it out, instead, give it away and let someone else use it as it will last a lifetime!



Follow the steps below to repair your item.

1. Email or call customer care to find out which aftercare service is perfect for you: (0044)1959535066

We always find it helpful if you can send a photo of your shearling, although we are equally happy just to have a chat about it. 

2. We will give you an estimate of the work to be done. If you are happy to go ahead, we will ask you to send your item to us. We can arrange a collection for you using our courier (you will need to cover the postage), or you can send it to us using any secure service.

We estimate and charge by the time we spend on your item. Sometimes this can vary a little from our estimate. 

3. We will get back in touch when your shearling is ready and arrange delivery back to you.




We are happy to give free repairs on Gushlow  & Cole shearling items if worn due to time, a manufacturing fault or your shearling has had a slight mishap. We only ask that you pay the postage. We are happy to help you arrange for shipping to/ from the UK or internationally.

We also repair other branded items, there will be a charge for this service worked out on a project basis.

If your shearling needs extensive repairs, we will let you know the best achievable result and give you an estimate for the cost based on how long things take.

Examples of extensive repairs are; replacement panels, collars, cuffs, and significant style alterations to remove damaged panels.

Our Bespoke/ made-for-you orders are non-refundable.

Please note, we may ask you for proof of purchase to use our free alterations and repair service.