Sustainability - Gushlow & Cole
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For us, sustainability starts with wanting to make a positive contribution to the environment and climate change. By honestly delving into all processes from farming, design, manufacture to consumption, we can see how our products impact the world around us and allow us to make better choices.


“From the beginning when we started our brand we both agreed to never use fur” – Emma Gushlow & Katrina Cole

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By making better choices we can lower the impact our products have on the environment and ultimately help reduce the fashion and textile industry’s contribution to climate change.

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By avoiding an intensive supply chain and choosing local production, we are able to minimise transportation and reduce our carbon footprint.

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The Gushlow & Cole environment is a close knit, woman led team who share family values and work in a decent, fair and honest way. Treating all suppliers with respect we choose to do business only with those who demonstrate and share these principles.

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