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11th October 2023

The Shearling Guide

The shearling we use in each design is just as important as the design itself. This is why we love working with this beautiful, natural material. To help you find out a little bit more about the different shearling we use, why we use them, and to help you decide which one might be most suited to you, we've put together our shearling guide... MONGOLIAN SHEARLING This unique shearling has fine, soft, crimped-looking curls and it's this long, voluminous wool that makes Mongolian...

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15th November 2023

Why sheepskin slippers make the perfect present

When it comes to choosing the perfect present, you can't go wrong with genuine shearling or sheepskin slippers. These chic indoor shoes make an ideal gift for any occasion. Why sheepskin slippers are the ultimate in comfort Sheepskin slippers are super soft and insulating, giving your feet warmth and cosiness from the moment you slip them on. The natural cushioning of the wool inside is excellent for tired feet and will mould perfectly to the shape of your feet.  All year...

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