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Our Materials

Quality is integral to the creation of luxury, therefore the provenance of our materials is deeply rooted within our design philosophy. We source only the finest quality Iberian skins from carefully selected European tanneries and work closely together to develop beautiful, unique colours and finishes.

The origin, authenticity and good ethical practice is also integral to our sourcing. Each skin we use is a by product and all materials are a renewable fibre source which naturally decomposes into the earth when disposed of, making our materials 100% biodegradable.

It is this knowledge, understanding and love for shearling, which has been passed down through generations, that enables us to bring you some of the finest quality shearling in the world.


We love to use toscana throughout our collections as the lightweight nature of the shearling combined with the sumptuously soft long fur-like wool makes for the ultimate accessory and statement outerwear. Finished with either a smooth suede or supple nappa reverse, the highly insulating and superior quality of our toscana will withstand the test of time and add immediate distinction to your outfit.

Curly Toscana

Left in its natural form, the deep long curls of this luxurious toscana are finished with either a smooth suede or supple nappa reverse. The soft, yet dense nature of this robust shearling will remain unchanged over time and help you withstand the coldest of climates. We translate this shearling into our collection through textual understated accessories, gilets and cocooning outerwear.


For generations we have sourced the finest merino shearling from the same trusted tannery. This exceptional merino has velvety smooth wool and is finished with an impeccable silky suede or supple nappa reverse. Intrinsically light in weight and soft in hand, our merino can be worn throughout the winter and has a classically timeless appeal. Merino features throughout each of our collections and has been used to create some of our most iconic designs.


Merinillo shearling is ultimately light in weight and is shorn to expose beautifully textured natural waves and curls. Finished with a supple nappa reverse, the impeccable warmth to weight ratio of this luxurious material means it will keep you warm throughout winter and is perfect for layering and wearing between seasons. As one of the lightest shearlings available, merinillo is easily worn from day to day and over chunky knitts, without making you feel too warm and bulky.

Teddy Merino

Essentially soft and fleece like in nature, this tactile shearling has unique dense wool and is textured with a slight natural curl. Finished with a supple nappa reverse this mid weight shearling is a cosy alternative for those looking for something other than traditional merino and toscana shearling. Soft yet durable, teddy merino makes for the perfectly snug all round winter coat.


For superior quality, authentic heritage and expert craftsmanship, we source all our woven cashmeres from Johnstons of Elgin. Cashmere is made from fibres gathered from goats that have been traditionally herded in Mongolia, China and Afghanistan, living an almost wild existence. Johnstons of Elgin continue to work directly with these herders and farmers in order to preserve their existence. The enduring quality and provenance of their woven cashmere is renowned throughout the world.

Alpaca Wool Blend

To ensure the highest quality of our hand knitted products we source the finest alpaca and organic wool, spun exclusively in Italy. Alpaca wool is recognised as one of the most luxurious fibres in the world. Inherently softer than sheep’s wool it has an ultra smooth handle and is lightweight and exceptionally warm. Organic wool comes from sheep that are kept with consideration for their well being in good farm conditions and free from pesticides. Our knitwear collection is hand knitted from this luxurious chunky blend using traditional and simple stitch techniques which then reflect and enhance the natural simplistic beauty of the shearling.

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size guide


JAPAN (cm)232424.52526
KOREA (mm)230240245250260

HATS (cm/”)
ONE SIZE58/ 22.8
S-M57/ 22.4
M-L58/ 22.8

GLOVES (cm/”)
ONE SIZE17/ 6.510/ 4


 If you are unsure about our sizing then please contact our customer care team on +44 (0)1959535066
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All measurements in centimetres.