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14th November 2020

Luxe Loungewear

Luxe Loungewear | written by Katrina Cole, Design and Creative Director at Gushlow & Cole

As the shift towards home working continues, post pandemic fashion does not need to be confined to a mass produced elastic waist bands, sweat shirts and throw away fashion. Why not invest in a great piece of clothing that will keep you comfortable, warm, stylish, and that will last long after lockdown.

From incredibly warm and light down backs that you will never want to take off, to refined pure English wool and cosy slippers – we’ve put together our edit of comfortable loungewear pieces for relaxed living and working.


A casual, natural shaped Toscana gilet with your choice of fabric reverse. From Toscana to Merinillo to padded goose down – what will your perfect pairing be?

Lux Loungewear blog : DRGWT      Luxe Loungewear - GMLXT

luxe loungewear      Luxe Loungewear blog : GRCTX


Working well both at home and away as a refined minimal layer, the Stand Collar Gilet ticks every box. Choose to pair with a pure British woven wool back, or go for full out merinillo – either way, this soft, refined layer will be a smart investment to your winter wardrobe.

Luxe Loungewear - GWPCM6F3-CAM      Luxe Loungewear - GWPCM6F3-CAM

Luxe Loungewear blog : G3CX0      Luxe Loungewear - G3CX0


Finally, no stay at home would be complete without a pair of cosy shearling slippers. Handmade from soft, Toscana these cosy Shearling Ballet Slippers in pastel pink will keep you looking pretty all day long. Or, slip into the ultimate in luxury lounging – Travel Sliders in cashmere touch lacon shearling, perfect for any staycation or vacation.

Loungewear pink Shearling Ballet Slippers - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 1      Luxe 'Lockdown' Loungewear - SLIDERS