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Why sheepskin slippers make the perfect present

15th November 2023

When it comes to choosing the perfect present, you can’t go wrong with genuine shearling or sheepskin slippers. These chic indoor shoes make an ideal gift for any occasion.

Why sheepskin slippers are the ultimate in comfort

Sheepskin slippers are super soft and insulating, giving your feet warmth and cosiness from the moment you slip them on. The natural cushioning of the wool inside is excellent for tired feet and will mould perfectly to the shape of your feet. 

cream shearling travel slider slippers - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 2 Yellow Margot Shearling Slippers gushlow and cole cut out side pink Shearling Ballet Slippers - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 2 Brown Margot Shearling Slippers gushlow and cole cut out

All year round?

Sheepskin slippers aren’t just for winter; they offer year-round comfort. The natural properties of genuine sheepskin help regulate temperature, keeping your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making them a gift enjoyed during any season. 

pink Shearling Ballet Slippers - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 1     grey shearling travel slider slippers - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 2


Shearling is often considered hypoallergenic, so it is less likely to cause allergic reactions in people with sensitivities to other materials.

Sheepskin contains a wax called Lanolin, produced by the glands of wool-bearing animals, providing antibacterial self-cleaning properties, perfect for your slippers and feet.

Are sheepskin slippers an environmentally friendly choice?

Choosing sheepskin slippers is not just a gift to you or a loved one, but also to the environment. Sheepskin is a natural, renewable resource, making these slippers an eco-friendly option. Unlike synthetic materials, the production of sheepskin has a lower environmental impact, making it a sustainable choice for those who are conscious of their ecological footprint.

Sheepskin slippers vs shearling slippers

Sheepskin slippers are tough and durable; shearling slippers, on the other hand, have all the benefits of sheepskin slippers but with more luxurious textures and streamlined designs. We use the same high-quality shearling in our slippers as in our garments, making Gushlow and Cole slippers unique and perfect for feeling chic indoors.

Margot Shearling Slippers gushlow and cole lifestyle grey and brown and white       White Margot Shearling Slippers gushlow and cole cut out pair


Written by Emma Gushlow, Design & Creative Director

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The Shearling Guide

11th October 2023

The shearling we use in each design is just as important as the design itself. This is why we love working with this beautiful, natural material.

To help you find out a little bit more about the different shearling we use, why we use them, and to help you decide which one might be most suited to you, we’ve put together our shearling guide…


the shearling guide - mongolian shearling

This unique shearling has fine, soft, crimped-looking curls and it’s this long, voluminous wool that makes Mongolian one of the warmest and cosiest shearlings we make with.

This shearling effortlessly transforms a simple shape into the most standout piece. We design it into our classic short black jacket and statement scarves – both perfect for keeping you warm on a winter night out.


the shearling guide - toscana shearling

Toscana shearling is the ultimate in luxury. With silky, fine wool it is the closest-looking shearling to real fur.

Lightweight and easy to wear, Toscana can elevate any outfit, from day to occasion wear. We love to use it throughout our collections, especially for our signature Shawl Scarves and for panels in coats and gilets where we mix it with other shorter wool shearlings like Merinillo to create slim silhouettes with luxe texture.


the shearling guide - merino shearling

Merino shearling has a velvety smooth, ironed wool and due to its medium weight, this shearling can be worn throughout the autumn and winter.

Merino’s timeless appeal means it features throughout our womenswear and homeware collections. With the softest Nappa leather finish on the reverse, our Merino designs are often reversible and responsible for some of our most iconic styles. From the refined luxury of our Stand Collar Coats to our chic Mini Mitts, Merino is your classic, modern shearling at its best.


the shearling guide - curly toscana shearling

Curly Toscana has natural deep curls which are soft, dense and exceptionally warm.

This type of shearling creates texture, so we translate it into casual and ultimately cosy pieces which make a relaxed statement. Curly Toscana is one of our favourite shearlings to design with – perfect for cute bags, gilets and statement voluminous coats.


the shearling guide - curly merino shearling

Fleece-like in nature, with curly dense wool, Curly Merino Shearling has the perfect weight-to-warmth ratio, keeping you chic and warm in winter, yet it’s lightweight enough for everyday wear.

We feature curly Merino throughout our womenswear and homeware collections because of its soft durability and casual chic appeal. Key pieces include our new season Jackets and Coats as well as our favourite Patch Pocket Gilet.


the shearling guide - merinillo shearling

Merinillo shearling is lightweight and has naturally wavy, silky, short wool. As one of the lightest shearlings we use, Merinillo is easily worn from day to day without making you feel too warm or bulky.

It’s the perfect shearling for layering and wearing between seasons so we use it throughout our collections. We design and mix Merinillo with other longer wool shearlings like Toscana to create slim silhouettes whilst also adding luxe texture. Our Iconic Taper Coat is a classic example of how we use Merinillo and continues to be one of our best selling styles.



Written by Emma Gushlow, Design & Creative Director

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Welcoming the new season of women’s shearling: Autumn Winter 22/23

30th August 2022

Our approach to Autumn Winter 22/23 was to create a thoughtful collection, intentionally designed with a holistic approach to women’s shearling.

We wanted each style to be sympathetic to the wearer, the environment, and ultimately to waste less.

So we started from the beginning, with an aim to be circular.

When it comes to the designs, this season, our collection includes styles that we personally enjoy wearing, and that will stay in your wardrobe forever!

It was important for us that every piece is relaxed, comfortable and can easily be shrugged on over loose clothing.

From experience and with our customers also in mind, we focussed on creating styles which are sophisticated, ageless, timeless and that can be worn every day.

A key piece that we both love is a vintage inspired Shrug Shawl Coat in a traditional tan and white brushed Merino. It’s paired back, reversible and looks elegant yet everyday.

Another stand out piece for us is the curly Neat Shawl Shearling Coat which we designed in plush curly Toscana with cream wool, but reverse it, and you can wear this style with a vibrant Sahara sand coloured nappa leather outer.

This looks so different each way, and will always be a coat which you love to wear while ultimately keeping you really warm. This type of shearling will last for decades too, so it really does tick all the boxes.

As with every collection, we made our new season of women’s shearling in small quantities from our workshop in Kent or within a 60-mile radius. We’ve also sourced our materials from Leather Working Group tanneries and only used GOTS-certified sustainable fabrics and yarns.

This means we can always trace our production and is one of the many practices helping us work towards circular shearling.

Our new services

With our aim to make women’s shearling and our brand as circular as we can, we are introducing a couple of new services this year: 

Free lifetime repairs
Refresh service
Alterations service
Virtual appointments
Size inclusive

We are really excited about these new services, especially the introduction of Size Inclusive styles. Although we have not been able to do this for every style yet, this is very much an ongoing project. It makes us so happy to be able to make for all body types!

We hope you enjoy our new collection. As always, we made it to last, with a fit to last – so please enjoy wearing you Gushlow & Cole every day.

P.s don’t forget you can find out the maker of your Gushlow & Cole piece – their name is sewn into the label. 

Explore the AW22/23 collection of women’s shearling here.


Written by Emma Gushlow, Design & Creative Director

The story behind the ‘Made By’ label

30th December 2020

The story behind the ‘Made By’ label | written by Katrina Cole, Design and Creative Director at Gushlow & Cole

It all started when I happened upon a skirt in our fancy dress cupboard. It was a beautiful, vintage, three quarter length, full circle skirt in bright red satin.

Having recently set up the Gushlow & Cole workshop in my Dad’s garage, (this must have been a good 20 years ago) I took the skirt into our workshop to make a quick alteration before I wore it to a fancy dress party. When I undid the zip, I noticed the unusual label inside. It said ‘made by Barry and the girls in the sample room’. Coming from my background, I thought this was just wonderful – finally someone had recognised the people behind the product!

I have always believed that machinists are the unsung heroes of the fashion industry. Emma and I had only just stopped working in the machine room at my Dad’s factory. So we knew first hand what it takes to become a highly skilled machinist, an ‘artisan’ able to work out samples and to precisely sew to the exacting standards of luxury fashion. Some women had been honing their skills for decades in our family factory. So, if Barry’s place was anything like ours, I knew the girls in the machine room would be like family to Barry and feel really proud to be mentioned in a label. After all, a good machinist always sews pride and love into their work!

The story behind the ‘Made By’ label blog, carol

From that moment on, and after a lot of thought about how we could somehow replicate this pride and show our customers how much love goes into making our products, we came up with the slogan ‘Made with Love’…who knew how much that one would catch on.

Our new slogan was sewn into every Gushlow & Cole piece and shipped to department stores worldwide. The only problem was, after a few years, it was catching on rather too much! In 2013 when I spotted it on the bottom of a stack of plastic boxes made in China, enough was enough! We needed to bring our labelling back to being personal. To go one step further, we had to refocus the artisan make back into our products. 

The story behind the ‘Made By’ label blog, stacy

We decided the only way we could be authentic about our heritage, show passion for English make and to celebrate the skilled craftsmen and craftswomen behind our products was to sew their name label alongside Gushlow & Cole. Hence the ‘Made By’ label was born.

The story behind the ‘Made By’ label

What better way could we let our customers know that we make very specialist items, which are not mass produced, by highly skilled craftspeople. Just like Barry, our makers are like family. We want people to know their story and to understand what skill goes into each and every one of our pieces.

(Some of our lovely girls at the G&C workshop at hilltop meadow in Kent, England).

We hope you enjoy finding out who made your Gushlow & Cole…and if you don’t know, just look in the label and meet our makers.


Last Minute Luxury Gifts

15th December 2020

Last Minute Luxury Gifts | written by Katrina Cole, Design and Creative Director at Gushlow & Cole

Our last minute Christmas edit of luxury gifts has everything you need from luxury homewear to the ultimate shearling Gilet…even the cutest little baby boots. Order by Friday in time for Christmas.


The iconic shawl scarf – the perfect accessory for the Christmas holidays!

Last Minute Luxury Gifts - shawl scarf  Last Minute Luxury Gifts - shawl scarf black


Gifts for him or her, our sheepskin homewear collection will add a natural element to living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms.

 Last Minute Luxury Gifts - throw  Last Minute Luxury Gifts - scottie dog cushion


Slippers so luxurious, you will not want to give them away!

Last Minute Luxury Gifts - sliders Last Minute Luxury Gifts - ballet pumps


Stuck for the ultimate gift for her, the natural edge Mixed Texture Gilet is the perfect winter piece she will treasure forever.

Last Minute Luxury Gifts - mixed shearling gilet Last Minute Luxury Gifts - mixed shearling gilet white


Who can resist these fluffy booties? Handmade in super soft Toscana shearling, these cute booties are the perfect present for any parents to be.

Last Minute Luxury Gifts - baby boots Last Minute Luxury Gifts - baby boots white


Luxe Loungewear

14th November 2020

Luxe Loungewear | written by Katrina Cole, Design and Creative Director at Gushlow & Cole

As the shift towards home working continues, post pandemic fashion does not need to be confined to a mass produced elastic waist bands, sweat shirts and throw away fashion. Why not invest in a great piece of clothing that will keep you comfortable, warm, stylish, and that will last long after lockdown.

From incredibly warm and light down backs that you will never want to take off, to refined pure English wool and cosy slippers – we’ve put together our edit of comfortable loungewear pieces for relaxed living and working.


A casual, natural shaped Toscana gilet with your choice of fabric reverse. From Toscana to Merinillo to padded goose down – what will your perfect pairing be?

Lux Loungewear blog : DRGWT      Luxe Loungewear - GMLXT

luxe loungewear      Luxe Loungewear blog : GRCTX


Working well both at home and away as a refined minimal layer, the Stand Collar Gilet ticks every box. Choose to pair with a pure British woven wool back, or go for full out merinillo – either way, this soft, refined layer will be a smart investment to your winter wardrobe.

Luxe Loungewear - GWPCM6F3-CAM      Luxe Loungewear - GWPCM6F3-CAM

Luxe Loungewear blog : G3CX0      Luxe Loungewear - G3CX0


Finally, no stay at home would be complete without a pair of cosy shearling slippers. Handmade from soft, Toscana these cosy Shearling Ballet Slippers in pastel pink will keep you looking pretty all day long. Or, slip into the ultimate in luxury lounging – Travel Sliders in cashmere touch lacon shearling, perfect for any staycation or vacation.

Loungewear pink Shearling Ballet Slippers - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 1      Luxe 'Lockdown' Loungewear - SLIDERS


Behind the Scenes Shooting AW19/20

30th August 2019

Behind the Scenes Shooting AW19/20 | written by Bex Pearman


Our highly anticipated AW19/20 collection is here, ready for the coming season. Explore an exclusive behind the scenes look at shooting our latest collection.


For our autumn winter 19/ 20 women’s collects, Emma and Katrina took inspiration from their wardrobe archive. Shapes, lengths and sleeves from the 80’s and 90’s have been worked into the collection alongside a modern approach to luxury shearling and leather design.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of our new styles coming soon in September…



SHOP AW19/20


Welcome to Autumn Winter 16…

21st September 2016

The Gushlow and Cole Autumn Winter 16 collection is an urban yet elegant take on traditional British shearling design.

Reversible outerwear in soft, cool neutrals and feminine pastels underpin a mood of relaxed glamour and sit on an urban backdrop of dark graphite black.

Thoughtful design continues to drive this season’s iconic scarf collection with bold pairings of colour and texture. Long lengths for draping and wrapping feature alongside hand knit snoods and collars with simple fixings for effortless everyday wear.

The playful mix of Toscana and chunky knit is carried forward within the gilet collection. Lightweight layers in Merinillo and Lacon continue the focus on trans seasonal shearling in cropped to longline lengths.

With a focus on versatility; sleek and sophisticated light weight toppers are individualised with opulent shearling scarves whilst contemporary oversized silhouettes in comfy deep piled shearling feature hand crafted details that nod towards tradition.

Key pieces this fall include the reversible Bomber Jacket, the reversible Parka Jacket and the reversible Taper Coat.