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Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection

16th October 2020

Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection | written by Katrina Cole, Design and Creative Director at Gushlow & Cole

Emma and I start each collection thinking how we can provide a fresh new take on our brand classics. Exploring different fabrics and textures always forms our seasonal foundation – for #AW20/21 we were able to find a traditional British made wool tweed, which was a perfect match for this season’s shearling and our heritage mood.

Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection | Gushlow & Cole - wool tweed  Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection | Gushlow & Cole - wool tweed coat

With each new fabric comes a different construction method, which is both challenging and inspirational. Construction can sometimes set the complete tone for the collection.

Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection | Gushlow & Cole - behind the scenes

We decided upon wide stitched edges to complement the more traditional aesthetic of British wool, however our inspiration behind the oversize silhouettes and detailing came from the 90’s – wide shoulder lines, turned edges, and large shawl collars.

Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection | Gushlow & Cole - aviator jacket Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection | Gushlow & Cole - shawl coat         

Our favourite piece to look out for in the Autumn Winter 20/21 collection is a wide shouldered, boxy jacket with a dropped hem. We love the vintage 90’s cut and it looks super cool in white curly shearling.

We also both adore our Double Breasted Wool Tweed Coat. The cut is easy for any body shape to wear, and it’s such a beautiful British heritage fabric. The colour popping flecks highlight this season’s colours, so you can dress the coat perfectly with any one of our accessories.

         Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection | Gushlow & Cole - wool tweed coat navy Autumn Winter 20/21: The Story Behind The Collection | Gushlow & Cole - boxy jacket

Most importantly with this coat though, we wanted to achieve our aim – which was to make a modern British garment, using British spun cloth, a minimal carbon footprint and in the most sustainable way possible. With the cloth made in Yorkshire, the garment made in London, and it all finished off with recycled paper buttons…i’m pleased to say we achieved this!

Explore Autumn Winter 20/21

The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - medium tote navy

The New Season Shearling Bags

12th October 2020

The New Season Shearling Bags | written by Katrina Cole, Design and Creative Director at Gushlow & Cole

As women designers and naturally obsessed with handbags, we could not resist using our beautiful colour popping shearlings and turning them into bags. So for Autumn Winter 20/21 we’re excited to bring you our latest collection!

   The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - tote bag - navy      The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - mini tote bag - orange 2

We were super excited to see our mini evening tote featured in Harper’s Bazaar – Japan this month. It seems we are not the only ones in love with this cute little piece of luxury – just big enough to carry everything you might need on a night out; It’s the perfect textural evening bag option.

   The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - mini tote bag - orange      The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - harpers bazaar

The mixed texture tote is a favourite for both day to evening. It is big enough to carry all your everyday essentials whilst the toscana top handle sits pretty on the shoulder, adding that touch of evening glam.

   The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - slouch bag - navy      The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - slouch bag - white

The leather trimmed shoulder bag for me, is my personal favourite. I have three children, a mega busy life and lots to carry, so I need a big bag. However, when we first sampled the bag it was even too large for a big bag lover like me! With a little adjustment, it’s now perfect!

The top features a heavy zip to keep my valuables and everything else safe inside. I love the contrasting colour handles in yellow and black, against the white curly merino wool.

   The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - shoulder bag - white      The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - shoulder bag - white


Another feature I love about this bag, is that we managed to find a manufacturer in England. To get a luxury bag made with such specialised leather craftsmanship in England, is quite a special feat. Our perseverance paid off, and after many trips across the UK we found the perfect makers, right here on our doorstep in London! 

We hope you enjoy the collection.

   The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - tote bag on arm- navy      The New Season Shearling Bags - blog post - tote bag on arm- mustard yellow


How We Wear It: with Coco Everett

10th September 2019

How We Wear It, written by Coco Everett | Digital Design intern at Gushlow & Cole | BA Design Student at Goldsmiths University

How we wear it - Double Button Scarf Walking Shot Gushlow and Cole

I think scarves are an essential for every winter wardrobe. For my un-acclimatised Aussie body that flourishes in the warm weather, anything that keeps me as warm as possible and doesn’t clutter my outfits is a win win.

My favourite scarf from the Gushlow & Cole AW19/20 collection is the Two Button Shearling Snood Scarf in orange.  For me, this muted orange is the perfect warm autumnal colour and fits right into my wardrobe.  The tonal textures of leather and shearling are great for livening up a neutral outfit.

How we wear it - Double Button Scarf Inside Gushlow and Cole

Right now, I prefer to wear this style open and shrugged over my shoulders. When it comes to the cooler months, I’ll be wearing it buttoned up as a snood over a wool coat to help shield me from London’s unpredictable chill.

How we wear it - Double button scraf leather out Gushlow and Cole

Discover the Two Button Snood Scarf in orange, exclusively at Harvey Nichols


How To Care For Suede Clothing |gushlow-and-cole

How To Care For Suede Clothing

23rd May 2019

We want you to enjoy wearing your Gushlow and Cole piece for many years to come so here we share our specialist knowledge and give you some helpful tips on how to help clean, care and maintain your suede clothing.


You should not need to clean your suede items often, if at all, however if you decide to clean your suede, always use a specialist dry cleaner. There are different types of suede for example; goat, sheep, calf and nubuck, all of which can have slightly different reactions to dry cleaning. There could be changes to the texture and sometimes it might feel slightly stiff with a minor loss of the suede nap. We therefore recommend only to dry clean your suede if it has had regular use and is looking tired.


When wearing your suede items make sure to avoid contact with any oil based substances, for example; makeup, body creams, oils, as well as ink, grease and perfume as they can permanently mark the surface.

Water and Rain

Try to avoid water and rain as this can permanently affect the appearance and texture of suede. If you do get caught in the rain, shake off excess water and hang your garment away from direct heat on a coat hanger.

how-to-care-for-suede-clothing---gushlow-and-coleCare without dry cleaning

Regular light brushing will help to revive the pile of the suede. You can remove light marks by gently brushing downwards with a suede brush or colourless dry sponge. A suede block can be used for heavier marks as it is more abrasive than a sponge, however we always advise to rub very gently at first, using the block to blend out the mark. Only use a suede block on the marked area and rub with caution as brushing can lighten the colour of the suede. As a precaution, we advise you test the above techniques on an unseen area of your item first.

Expert tip – at the Gushlow and Cole workshop we have to take extreme care when making our suede collection. The most common marks to occur whilst manufacturing are transferred from the machinery. Occasionally a piece will pick up a grease mark. From over 30 years of manufacturing shearling and leather we have found the best way to remove this is to use talcum powder or lighter fluid (butane).

If using talcum powder, we would place this over the mark and leave this for a few hours. Once we have let this sit, we would then shake off the talcum powder and brush very gently with a dry colourless sponge.

If using lighter fluid, we would dab a small amount of the fluid onto an off cut of the same suede. Working carefully and quickly we would then rub the piece of suede repetitively over the mark, moving in alternating directions. Before using this method to remove a mark, we would always test the reaction of the fluid on a scrap piece of suede.

Please note: this is a highly specialised technique to remove marks on suede and we do not recommend using this method at home.



Suede needs to be stored in low humidity and in a moderate temperature. We recommend you store your suede in its original Gushlow and Cole dust cover, as this is breathable.

Always hang on a broad shouldered coat hanger as thin wooden or metal hangers can stretch the skin and misshape the shoulders of coats and jackets. Never hang suede over a hook or banister as this can distort the neckline.

Keep your suede away from sunlight and bright light as this can fade and discolour the suede.

Our tip – always hang your suede pieces rather than fold them as suede can permanently crease when left for a long period of time.

Protective sprays

You can protect the surface of nappa and suede shearling by using a leather protection spray. We advise that you test a small unseen area first and follow the instructions.

Please note: all protective sprays will wear off within time.

Further help

If you would like professional help or advise removing a mark from your Gushlow and Cole piece then please contact our customer care team who will be happy to help you.

✆ +44 (0) 01959535066


PLEASE NOTE: please use the above advice as a guide only and at your own risk. We cannot accept any responsibility for the care tips contained within this article.

How To Wear The Suede T Shirt Dress | Emma Gushlow | Gushlow and Cole

How To Wear: The Suede T Shirt Dress

17th May 2019

SS19 is here and so is our new season collection of suede and leather separates, which is why we’ve caught up with Gushlow and Cole’s Design and Creative director, Emma Gushlow to show us three different ways to wear the Suede T Shirt Dress:

My Day look



“I wear trainers to work in the studio most days, because I like the practicality and comfort when running from one job to another or standing at the design bench for long periods. So, here I’ve styled my suede dress with a pair of chunky trainers and a Gushlow and Cole Cropped Gilet in yellow curly toscana… which is actually a sneak peek from our AW19 collection!”


“I love yellow, it’s such a happy colour and not as hard to wear as many people think, the brighter the better! The navy of the dress and yellow of the gilet work perfectly with the colour detail in my trainers.”

My Work look



“This outfit is simple yet sophisticated enough to wear wear to a meeting or business lunch. I have used a black leather belt to cinch the dress in at the waist and styled it with a black chunky heeled shoe boot and statement blue earrings.”


My Weekend look



“Navy is an excellent core colour to wear with brights and for this look I have styled our suede T Shirt Dress with a pair of orange tasseled sandals and a vintage leather bag. The dress has a tie belt that I use to pull in the waist, alternatively the dress can we worn loose. Perfect for drinks with my girlfriends”.




Shop the T Shirt Dress


Location: No 17

meet our makers | Carol | Gushlow and Cole

Meet Our Makers: Carol

09th May 2019

9th May 2019

Ever wondered who made your Gushlow and Cole coat, gilet or scarf? Then look no further than the ‘Made By’ label. We celebrate each of our craftspeople by sewing their name into each piece and today we caught up with Carol to share the history of her make….

On her journey

I began my career in British manufacture apprenticing at an upholstery shop in 1984, and then after six years on a bench as a qualified upholster I started to train in pattern cutting. It’s been an exciting road, but five years ago when I saw an ad in the local paper I decided to try my hand in fashion, now working at Gushlow and Cole HQ as one of their in house craftswomen.

A typical day

A typical day for me at the Gushlow and Cole workshop would be matching shearlings as well as pattern cutting mittens, hats and scarves. I also match shearlings for larger garments such as the Aviator Jacket – I really enjoyed helping making this style.

   IMG_2727 (1)      IMG_2759

On working with shearling

From a manufacturing point of view I really like working with shearling. Being a natural material not one shearling is ever the same, and with so many different shearling types and textures it’s a fantastically versatile material to work with. The finished products always look great too.

On British manufacturing

British manufacturing has long been known for it’s high standards and unique style but has been hit by the demands of fast fashion. In recent years I would like to think that the fashion industry is moving away from mass produced, cheap clothing like it was back in the 1980’s. There has been a recent shift for the need to buy good quality items that look good and last well – which is only a good thing.


“The first piece I ever made at Gushlow and Cole was one of their iconic Shawl Scarves, and I still make them today!”


   shearling-SHAWL-SCARF-BLACK      grey-shearling-shawl-scarf---women-_-gushlow-and-Cole---cutout---SHHT0      red-shearling-shawl-scarf---women-_-gushlow-and-cole---cutout---SSHT0      beige-shearling-shawl-scarf---women-_-gushlow-and-cole---cutout---SSHT0      navy-shearling-shawl-scarf---women-_-gushlow-and-cole---cutout---SHHT0

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On her proudest achievements

I really enjoy seeing a well matched out and beautifully finished product and thinking to myself, ‘I helped make that’.

On the inspiration behind her career

From a young age I have always been interested in art and crafts. Being good with my hands rather than academic, I looked for a job where I could make things which lead me to my first job in upholstery. From there I soon realised, I was also quite good on a sewing machine…


” I really enjoy seeing a well matched out and beautiful finished product and thinking to myself, I helped make that”


gushlow and cole How To Master Transeasonal Dressing - t shirts

How To Master Transeasonal Dressing

01st May 2019

1st MAY 2019

With unpredictable spring climes, transitioning your wardrobe between seasons is always harder than it seems. So to help ease into a spring summer wardrobe, we’ve put together our list of hacks to master ‘transeasonal’ dressing.


You can still wear your coats and jackets between seasons by simply swapping out some of your winter layers. By replacing high neck turtlenecks and tops for cotton tee’s you’ll both look and feel SS ready.



If you’re most comfortable in dark winter hues like black and grey then opt for a colourful accessory to brighten your outfit. Scarves are a great way to energise a neutral wardrobe and can be worn over knit jumpers instead of coats during warmer days.




If in doubt of how to look and feel more ‘spring’ then it’s time to purchase that pair of white trousers you’ve been following all season. Gushlow and Cole designer, Emma Gushlow says “to stay season appropriate during this time of year I like to style mine with a lightweight jumper. It’s the perfect combination of winter and spring separates!”



Leather separates are trending hard this SS which means you don’t have to put your favourite pair of leather trousers at the back of your wardrobe archive just yet. Pair your leather pants with a white T, heeled boots and a lightweight coat for an easy, everyday spring look.



my internship at gushlow & cole

My internship at Gushlow & Cole

15th April 2019

By Coco Everett | 14th April 2019

Sewing buttons, combing scarves, packing products and making the tea & coffee are tasks that made up a large part of my internship at Gushlow and Cole. When you put in on paper or even tell someone what you do it sound like the typical ‘intern’ type jobs, but actually I learned many important lessons from every task I did.

Firstly, every Englishman or woman should be able to make a cup of tea. Likewise by 19 years old, I believe everyone should be able to at least sew a button and when you’re making product of quality like Gushlow and Cole pieces it’s also about being able to do this properly.  Sewing buttons and combing scarves allowed me to understand the material, quality, colour and many other factors that need to be considered when working with a natural material – these are valuable lessons that I take with me on my next journey as a design student at Goldsmiths University, in London.

my internship at gushlow & cole

When I wasn’t in the workshop I was given the opportunity to work in the office, but it wasn’t typical office stuff like filing or updating spreadsheets. I went on a fashion shoot, I got to work on their website and was able to be involved in product analysis for potential new products. Here I learned it’s not enough to have an idea, you need to know the market.

Having come straight from school I had limited experience and an idealised view of the fashion world. I admire it more now that I understand the hard work and commitment that goes into developing and making luxury clothes and accessories.

Which brings me to the people, the team at Gushlow and Cole have been great to work with. They’ve been warm, welcoming and educated me in ways I wouldn’t have imagined, so thank you.

my internship at gushlow & cole

Finally, yes internships may include making the tea, sewing on buttons and yes it is hard work, but it is SO rewarding. My internship at Gushlow and Cole HQ has helped prepare me for what lies ahead and provided me with wonderful memories. Thank you to everyone at Gushlow and Cole for your time, patience and making my experience amazing!

To apply for an internship at Gushlow and Cole please email your CV and a covering letter to

The scarf to gift this Mother’s Day

22nd March 2019

T H E  S H A W L  S C A R F


grey shearling shawl scarf with leather tie - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 1


With five different colours to choose from, the Shearling Shawl Scarf is the perfect gift to give this Mother’s Day.


   beige shearling shawl scarf with leather tie - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 1      navy shearling shawl scarf with leather tie - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 1

   black shearling shawl scarf with leather tie - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 1      red shearling shawl scarf with leather tie - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 1


Handmade at our workshop in Kent, our Shearling Scarves are cut from super soft, long haired Toscana and feature two nappa leather ties allowing you to wear them in multiple ways.

T H E  S N O O D

beige shearling shawl scarf with leather tie - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 3

T H E  C R O S S  O V E R

beige shearling shawl scarf with leather tie - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 4

T H E  C O L L A R

beige shearling shawl scarf with leather tie - women | gushlow and cole - cell image 2


   shearling-SHAWL-SCARF-BLACK      grey-shearling-shawl-scarf---women-_-gushlow-and-Cole---cutout---SHHT0      red-shearling-shawl-scarf---women-_-gushlow-and-cole---cutout---SSHT0      beige-shearling-shawl-scarf---women-_-gushlow-and-cole---cutout---SSHT0      navy-shearling-shawl-scarf---women-_-gushlow-and-cole---cutout---SHHT0

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Inspirational Women

13th March 2018




Lynne spent many years in the corporate world, both in London and in Kent but in 2010 knew it was the time to make a career change and do something more creative. A real ‘now or never’ moment, Lynne became a partner in a designer boutique and in the years working there helped hundreds of women to make great clothing purchases. This experience acted as the perfect apprenticeship and stepping stone to setting up her personal styling business, Styling Matters and has since never looked back!


What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far?
Without a doubt it’s been setting up my own business. It has been the biggest learning curve of my life and one that has given me a much greater level of personal freedom and confidence. Having worked for other people all my life it was incredibly scary but also powerful and energising. I’ve even been able to overcome my phobia of speaking in public to the point where I actually enjoy it! But best of all is the huge satisfaction I’ve gained in being able to make a positive difference to other people.

How did you get to where you are today and who has helped you?
I am incredibly fortunate to have an amazingly supportive husband and sons, and if they thought I was mad to start a new business in a recession and at the age of 50, they never told me so! I’m pretty determined and resourceful, and failure wasn’t going to be an option, so I think that really helped to focus me. I’m also blessed with an incredible network of local women. Some had their own businesses and were able to give me invaluable advice and tips when I started out. Others put their money where their mouths were and booked me to edit their wardrobes and take them shopping. These lovely women then told their friends, who told their friends, and in effect my PR and marketing department was created! That network of supportive people is now huge, and covers much of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and south London. Together with a great website (created by my eldest son Dan), a large and active social media presence across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, together with regular networking, styling and public speaking events, life is very busy indeed!

   LynneGCOct17-0018      lynnegandc_17 (1)

How has your vision for Styling Matters evolved over the years?
I started my business when the UK was still in a recession and hand on heart I had no idea if it was even going to be viable as a full time business.  I certainly had a lot of doubters, though fortunately my husband wasn’t one of them. During my first year I learnt so much. I found out what men and women really wanted and needed from their wardrobes, and once word started spreading about my services and then bookings via recommendations started coming in, my vision for the business was formulated.  In effect my vision then is exactly the same as it is now. I aim to give clear, practical and positive advice to my clients in a way that is totally bespoke to each person. Once they know what looks good on them, and most importantly why, they can be more confident about their own buying decisions in the future.  I also wanted it to be a positive, nurturing, uplifting and fun experience.

How would you describe your personal style?
I am most comfortable in relaxed, laid back clothing that is well made, creatively interesting and practical.  I grew up with two brothers and I raised two sons, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my style is more tomboyish than girly.  Many of the Danish brands really appeal to me, as their aesthetically pleasing, effortless and fashion-forward clothing perfectly aligns with my own style.

“I like to be current, but I’ll only ever wear something if I feel it suits me and is my personal style.”


Where do you live in?
I grew up in the Tunbridge Wells area, and moved to London at 19 to work in the West End. After ten years my husband and I returned to Tunbridge Wells to raise our family and what a brilliant decision it was. We absolutely love living here and it’s the perfect place to have a great quality of life, beautiful surroundings, a friendly supportive community, and a great demographic of people to work with.

What do your mornings look like?
I work with clients most days and also post my ‘outfit of the day’ on Instagram and Facebook every morning, so I found the game changer was to work out what I’m going to wear the night before. I work around a capsule wardrobe and rarely wear exactly the same outfit twice. So I’ll spend 10 minutes before bedtime trying on different elements of my clothing until I come up with a new outfit I’m happy with, right down to footwear, handbag and accessories. Then next morning all I need to do (apart from wake up properly) is do my hair and make-up, put on my chosen outfit, take a selfie, post on social media while I’m wolfing down some breakfast and off I go. Off to spend another fabulous day doing my dream job. How lucky am I?

   LynneGCOct17-0008      LynneGCOct17-0011

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Photographer: Kate Murrell (

Inspirational Women

12th December 2017


SOMERSET, ENGLAND | 13th November 2017

Monty for Gushlow and Cole_3

Monty Saul and her husband Roger Saul bought Kilver Court in Shepton Mallet in 1995 as the headquarters for Mulberry and in the 1980s having already converted The Great House to an organic farm shop and café, they opened the factory and the amazing 3.5 acre gardens to the public.

Monty and Roger opened Kilver Court Designer Village in 2011 as the designer shopping outlet of the South West, with stores and labels such as Toast, Jack Wills, and Margaret Howell. Kilver Court have since expanded exponentially and are now joined by the likes of Gushlow and Cole, MIH Jeans, LKBennett, Yves Delorme and many, many more.

We caught up with the inspirational Monty, to talk about who inspires her and why, her love of Somerset, as well as her ever evolving vision for Kilver Court.


What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far?
Developing the Great House and its team from a farm shop with a few greetings cards, to an eclectic (and slightly bonkers) bazaar that can make people laugh and give them the satisfaction of finding a ‘one-off’ bargain. We have regular customers who love browsing through the rooms and my pride knew no bounds when I heard a customer compare us to Liberty of London.

If I’m allowed a second achievement, it would be being the first model Hardy Ames took to Buckingham Palace in a private, one model show for Her Majesty the Queen…a memory I treasure.

Being the mother of three boys, now successful grown men, and a grandmother – how have you managed to balance family life and being a working Mum. Would you do anything differently?
No – nothing, but I was blessed with parents who followed me down to Somerset to help me with the boys and play a very active role in our family, doing school runs and getting tea ready. There will always be a tug of guilt for any Mum who is involved in a family business as the business can easily become as demanding as another child. My Parents enabled me to support Roger with Mulberry whilst giving the boys continuity and love.

Monty for Gushlow and Cole_4

How has your vision for Kilver Court evolved over the years?
Initially, we were excited just to regenerate the area bringing jobs, fashion and Londoners to the South West encouraging the sort of ‘pilgrimage’ that the Mulberry factory shop had always engendered. The Great House was really the only farm shop and deli in the area, giving us a flagship shop for our new ‘Sharpham Park’ spelt brand.  It seemed a natural progression to build on this interest and so we invited other brands who were only too eager to join us.

Now, we are looking to expand the existing village to up to 40 shops within the next four years and include another restaurant, more boutiques and perhaps even a hotel. So we’re excited about what the future holds for us!

What exciting projects have you been working on recently?
Christmas! It’s the pinnacle of the year for us and in The Great House it’s particularly exciting as we transform one of the retail rooms into a unique Christmas spectacular. The space is based on Christmas trends for 2017 and we offer stunning gifts and decorations throughout the whole building which I and my team carefully curate. We have plenty of quirky gifts, decorations and party outfits that you won’t find anywhere else.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
My father – his ‘go for it’/take the chance approach.  Bizarrely Roger is exactly the same…

How would you describe your personal style?
Unpredictable! –Vintage/classic/eccentric.

“My style icon has got to be my husband – he has to be the best man to take shopping – fast and creative.”

Monty for Gushlow and Cole_1

Where do you live?
We live just outside Glastonbury in Somerset and I open my kitchen curtains to a view that has remained nearly unchanged since medieval times – Glastonbury Tor, with our herd of red deer in the foreground – mystical and breathtaking.  Roger discovered that spelt had been grown in the area since the Bronze and Iron Ages and so today it’s more than our home, it’s a working farm producing spelt for flour and cereals and venison.

What do you love most about where you live?
The sense of history and being a tiny part of that history. Roger carried me over the threshold on our wedding day and this year we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. The house has been such an important part of our life together – renovating and restoring it in the hope that it will go on way beyond our lifetimes.

Where do you go to escape from it all?
Tresco, on the Isles of Scilly, is our family getaway spot. We go every year and are now having the fun of our grandchildren sharing it with us. The boys (of all ages) never seem to tire of the sea, bikes, crabbing and just being lazy on beaches that are as good as any in the Caribbean. Ok, so the water is a tad on the chilly side, but there’s always a wetsuit on hand. Roger and I can also have our annual fix, visiting the sub-tropical Tresco Abbey Gardens and compare notes with Mike Nelhams, the Garden Curator.

Describe your perfect down time?
Sunday papers in bed with gallons of tea and almond croissants (from my shop of course) and as many grandchildren as we can fit in! 

Style Guide

28th November 2017

The Baby Button Shrug Scarf



Beginning her career in fashion at Tatler, London based stylist Martha Ward has gone on to establish a hugely successful freelance career dressing actors for the red to carpet as well as working on editorial and commercial projects across various publications including Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, BA High Life, Town & Country and ES magazine.

We caught up with Martha to show us how she styles her favourite Gushlow and Cole shearling Baby Button Shrug Scarf.

   IMG_8677      IMG_9054

“I love the versatility of these beautiful shearling scarves.  I like mine just hanging loose sometimes, or simply crossed over, and then when it’s really cold i’ll button it up so it’s close and warm around the neck.  This blue is so unusual which draws in lots of compliments.”


Shop Scarves here.

nicole bargwanna curly toscana shearling gilet - inspirational women blog post | gushlow and cole - cell image 3

Inspirational Women

03rd November 2017


TOKYO, JAPAN | 8th November 2017


Fashion veteran, Nicole Bargwanna founded her boutique PR agency, CPR Tokyo in 2009 with the intention of bringing a fresh breath of air to the art of PR and consulting in Tokyo. Now one of the most in demand agencies for tailor made fashion PR and retail consulting in Tokyo, Nicole provides a completely international face to help scale the often impenetrable language and cultural barriers that many companies face in Japan. We caught up with Nicole to talk about the challenges of running a successful business in a foreign country, her style inspiration as well as juggling full time work whilst being a mother.


What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far?
My greatest professional achievement has been going out on my own and setting up my company. It was a big step that has paid off in more ways than I can count.

How has your vision for CPR Tokyo evolved over the years?
My years of experience in Japan has put me in a unique position to help brands grow and develop in this market and I wanted to put this knowledge and experience to good use. The PR and retail landscape has changed so much over the years and in order to offer the best possible service we have had to evolve quickly, while keeping abreast of one of the most highly changeable markets in the world.


How have you managed to balance family life and being a working Mum. Would you do anything differently?
Being a mother and juggling work is never easy, but I have been lucky enough to have a great network, from my husband to friends, helping me to negotiate the many challenges. Having to run my own company has meant that my girls have been in Japanese daycare since they were babies. It has been such a fantastic way to make lifelong friends for me and my children, as well as ensuring that they’re brought up completely bilingual. I don’t think I could have worked without the support provided by daycare and am in awe of the dedication and level of care provided by the teachers every day. The fact that both my girls love it so much means that I can’t imagine doing anything differently.

How did you get to where you are today who/ what helped you?
I have been lucky to have had so many incredible opportunities throughout my career that have lead me to where I am now. I think my philosophy of rising up to meet any challenge and the mindset of trying everything at least once has held me in good stead. I have also been so lucky to have worked with so many people who have trusted in me and guided me to what I am today.


Who has inspired you in your life and why?
My mother. She managed to work full-time, do post-grad study, and bring up three children somehow. Juggling work and children myself, I still don’t know how she did it, but I strive to do my best every day. She did something right, as we’ve all become working mothers ourselves!

Who is your style icon?
I don’t really have one single style icon. Instead I take inspiration from the streets and people around me. Tokyo provides a wealth of visual inspiration every day, especially around our office in Harajuku/ Omotesando.

“I would describe my personal style as minimal, timeless, but with a twist. And no outfit is complete without accessories.”


Which town/ city do you live in and where did you grow up?
I have lived in Tokyo for twenty years, but grew up in country NSW, Australia. I love that despite its image of being a huge metropolis, Tokyo is really more a series of small towns, and surprisingly local. I love that I can cycle everywhere, despite it being such a huge city. I also love Japanese food!

Where do you go to escape from it all?
Ideally my parents’ farm in Australia, but when that’s not possible, I love Hakone, a beautiful mountain town about 1.5hrs from Tokyo. There’s nothing better than spending a weekend soaking in hot springs and eating amazing food.


 Describe your perfect down time?
A sunny day spent in the park with my children and friends, drinking good coffee, relaxing, chatting and hanging out until dusk.

Finally…how would your best friend describe you?
Too far away!


Photographer: Keith Ng (

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lynne meek wearing denim knit back gilet by gate

Style Guide

15th September 2017

The Shearling Gilet


lynnegandc_18 (1)


From alpaca hand knits and down padding to tonal textures of Toscana, we’ve teamed up with personal stylist Lynne Meek of Styling Matters to show us how to wear this seasons shearling gilet.

“I’m a huge fan of layering in the Autumn. I’ve teamed my denim Knit Back Gilet with soft leather joggers, a fine knit jumper, suede boots, statement necklace and my favourite designer handbag. I’m often meeting clients for London shopping trips so i’ll be warm enough on the train platform, but not overheating in a full coat in Selfridges! The soft denim blue of the gilet looks great against the navy blue of the leather trousers, and the red adds pop. I generally stick to just two or three colours in an outfit to keep it simple but stylish.


lynnegandc_14 (1)


“I love the contrast of casual clothing with a luxury piece. Adding a Gushlow and Cole Down Back Shearling Gilet with a logo tee or knit, slouchy boyfriend jeans and some star trainers is a really stylish and easy look for all day and every day.”


   lynnegandc_3 (1)      lynnegandc_17 (1)


“As i’m often dashing in and out of shops a shearling gilet is perfect for throwing on over my outfit of the day. Once winter is here I wear my gilet over a leather biker jacket.”

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Photography by: Kate Murrell